This week’s blog will feature a more positive vibe. “The Caribbean just might be the next big thing” is announcing the vast genre’s of music. Jamaican vocalist, Tessanne Chin, got the ball rolling when she was featured on The Voice going on to win the overall competition. Many members of the Caribbean Diaspora were tweeting, texting and showing their support for the songstress. She soon became a trending search topic via Twitter.

In late December of 2013 a very similar situation was brought about again, this time surrounding Trinidadian soca artist Bunji Garlin. Like The Voice, the winner would be determined by votes and regional netizens took up the challenge with full force; the Polldaddy site soon crashed because of the overwhelming response from the Caribbean, which was overwhelmingly voting for Bunji’s popular song “Differentology”.  

Fans of G-Dragon, a South Korean rapper, who wanted his song to be chosen. This event single handedly temporarily shut down MTV’S polls. MTV made a formal apology but some voters were still alittle upset. Dion Boucaud was a Caribbean netizen sent on a mission to encourage his friends to vote for Tessanne. Boucaud responded to the unhappy South Korean commentary by updating his thoughts often. His status update sums up one of the most tangible things to come out of this new wave of Caribbean music – that the Internet and social media are making it possible for fans’ voices to be heard and for regional citizens to show their patriotism with online support.

This is a great article to have stubble-upon this shows the ever so growing tolerance for other nations and working more as one unit. Even through the criticism both artists were as respectful as possible but also not letting the other person walk all over them. This pertains to our lectures in class by showing the more harmonious side of things where as we have mostly learned on the negative. This may only be one minor issue but if others saw this and thought of this as a pleasant experience someone might want to do the same good deed.



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