Musician is an alleged terrorist

 Norwegian Musician Is allegedly arrested for terror plot. Nazi and black metal star Kristian “Varg” Vikernes. The reason for this suspicion is due to Varg’s marital partner buying four rifles. The assumptions continue based upon the fact that he has made some racial and violent slurs towards a few people on the internet and assumed these actions to be red flags for the government officials. His wife legally had a permit to purchase the guns and did no wrong in that sense. The Wall Street Journal reports, “Police acted to prevent anything from taking place. The couple undisputedly constituted a danger, now we must wait for the results of an investigation.”

A local news channel in France also reports he is a “highly active Neo-Nazi with violent outburst tendencies. A news woman said, “while Vikernes was arrested at his home with his wife and children he has not yet chosen a target.” The most terrifying fact in my opinion is when it is revealed that he has already supported anti-muslin literature from Bravik, a man who killed 77 back in 2011.”Astoundingly in 1994 Vikernes was arrested for the murder of his band-mate but was then released in 200 9not serving his entire 21 year sentence escaping from Norway then fleeing to France.

Wow! When I first came across this title I assumed it would be a lengthy article but it was a video that was fairly short. Although packed with vital information I had to re-watch many times to thoroughly understand the flow. Although this was very crazy I thought that maybe there are other explanations as to why the guns were really purchased. I do tend to think of the good in all people but I know America has some bad seeds so I can only imagine globally. It was said that Vikernes did not have an intended target perhaps it is hunting season across seas? I’m not saying that with much fact just an educated slightly naïve thought.

I do believe if this had happened in the United States not much would have stirred up. Many people have gun permits to carry with them and other friends have land that is out of city limits and we all like to shoot for fun. I know a hunter from Alabama that has his gun next to him at night for protection and intimidation towards possible intruders. Famous people are people too and rappers are notorious for carrying guns, rapping about guns, referencing gun shot noises or actions to foreigners that may look bad but I don’t think it is honestly. How this relates to something we are studying is the simple fact that we have the rights to carry and posses such an item without question. Then when someone may be a potential “bad seed” we call the authorities to help us. Incidents get taken care of by the trained professionals. The said person would now be in the system and behind bars very similar to what happened to Vikernes.


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